Water Department

Directory of Services

Clerk’s Office

(607) 739–5691

  • Copy of a law/proposed law
  • Foil Requests
  • Property Tax Information
  • Water Billing & Collection

Code Enforcement

(607) 739–5691

  • Building Permits
  • Zoning Information
  • Swimming Pools
  • Village Codes

Police Department


(607) 739–5668

(607) 735–8600

  • Report a Crime
  • File a Complaint
  • Request Assistance

(607) 739–5669

  • Administrative Calls

Horseheads Town Hall

(607) 739–8783

  • Tax Assessment
  • Animal Control
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Dog Licenses

Village Hall

Horseheads Village Hall
202 South Main Street
Horseheads, New York 14845
(607) 739–5691

Local Weather Conditions

The Water Department is managed by the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office and the Department of Public Works. The Village Clerk-Treasurer maintains the billing and collection of bills for the Water Department. The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Village’s water system.

State certified water operators maintain the system to the standards set forth by the New York State Health Department as regulated by the Chemung County Health Department. The Village of Horseheads Water System includes more than 3,400 service connections in both the Village of Horseheads and the Town of Horseheads.


The Village of Horseheads will accept your water bill payments through either your VISA or MASTERCARD credit/debit card.


Water Quality

If you would like to read more about our system our annual water quality report is available for review. If you have any questions about water quality, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Public Works.

Click here to view the 2018 Water Quality Report

An often-asked question about our water system is how hard is our water. In chemical terms our waters average hardness is 210 mg/L or 12 gr/Gallon as CaCO3, total dissolved solids is 150 mg/L, and Iron content is less than .050 mg/L This means our water is very hard. If you have other questions about our water system please contact Chris Lawrick. At 739–5691 or clawrick@horseheads.org

Water Rules and Regulations

Please review the rules and regulations regarding the use of your water. These rules were last revised January 2015. If you have any questions regarding permitted usage, please contact the Village Clerk and Treasurer’s Office.
»Water Rules and Regulations

Water Rate Schedule

Effective June 1, 2019 the Village water rates will increase as follows:

  • Minimum Bill increase of $1.00
  • Consumption rates over minimum will increase by 2%

»2019 Water Rate Schedule

Final Water Bills

Final water bills are created when a homeowner or tenant moves out of their home. To request a final water bill please call the Village Clerk and Treasurer’s Office at (607) 739–5691, and have the following information available:

  • Your current address
  • Your forwarding address (to mail the final bill}
  • Date to have meter read
  • Name of new owner
  • Special billing consideration

Water Meters

Water meters are available for sale to new construction and replacement of broken meters. Each 5/8” meter costs $125.00 and includes the inspection and activation. Water meters can be purchased in the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

Touch Pad

The touch pad located outside allows us to read your meter without having to gain access to the meter itself. These touch pads should be easily accessible to our meter readers. If they are not, this may result in an estimated (high) reading. If these need to be moved because of construction, dogs, fencing or landscaping, please call the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at (607) 739–5691. We will set up an appointment to have them relocated.

Filling your Pool

The Village of Horseheads does not allow access to fire hydrants. Filling of your pool should be done via a garden hose (to be billed accordingly) or by contracting an outside water delivery service.

Water On/Off Service

The Village of Horseheads Water Department will shut off water to your home upon request for repairs or winterization. The On/Off Fee is $20.00 and includes turning the water off, then on when requested.

High Consumption

If you feel that your water consumption is higher than usual, you should first check for running toilets or leaky faucets. Once you have determined that there is no leak, you may contact our office to schedule our service technicians to further check for leaks. Once the water has run through the meter you will be billed for the consumption regardless of leaks. Therefore, you should always be aware of running water and toilets.

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